Take Your PickAdding Some Pizzazz to Your Event

When you want to maximise your fun or fundraising, adding a game to your event can help, or you can create an event around a game.

From one of the most loved TV quiz shows to the most feared pirates treasure, we have games that can help you raise the roof (and your profits) at your event.

As the games can include an element of skill, for example, playing the ‘Yes/No’ game, not everyone selected will get through to pick a prize, meaning more people get to play!

Commiserate those who choose a box with a booby prize in Take Your Pick. See the excitement and tension build as contestant after contestant’s key fails to open Blackbeard’s Treasure Chest and the cheers when someone eventually wins the Treasure.

While our games can be events in themselves, they are also perfect as interludes and fun elements to any event.