The Blyton Lottery & Raffle Machine

The Blyton Lottery Raffle Machine. Five Chambers means you can hold draws for up to 360,000 tickets

Raffle Machines

Raffles are a great way to raise money. With our machines, there is no fuss and bother you have drawing numbers out of a hat or box splitting and folding all the counterfoil tickets, you type in the number of tickets you have sold or add the correct number of balls and press a button to select the winner.

You can use both the Musketeer and Blackbeard’s Treasure Chest for raffles with up to 100,000 tickets. You can add a game element with the Treasure Chest too. With both devices, you can select as many winners as you need with confidence because once you draw a number, the machine will not pick it again for that draw.

The Blyton is our star multi-chamber machine; you can use it for draws with up to 360,000 consecutive numbers (and possibly more). Very simple to operate with just a start and stop button. All the balls stay within the machine, so you press the start button again when you need to select more than one winner.