Guinevere II Lottery Machine being used by Woosh Live for the million-pound draw.

Woosh Live used Guinevere for their million-pound draw.

Lottery Machine Hire

When looking for a lottery machine, you need one that is secure and gives you a fair draw, one that will pass your scrutiny and verification processes and meets the Gambling Commission regulations. Hirers use our machines for high-value draws, charity raffles, corporate events, TV, film, and theatre props.

We have several machines:
  1. Guinevere II, manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer (who also makes the machines for the UK’s National Lottery), is a fully automated machine that can suit a wide variety of draw types.
  2. The Blyton is a multi-chamber machine perfect for raffles where you need consecutively numbered tickets for up to 360,000.
  3. The Musketeer is an electronic machine that you can use for consecutively numbered tickets from 1 to 99,999.
  4. Blackbeard’s Treasure Chest is perfect for draws with consecutively numbered tickets up to 99,999 with the bonus of a game element, adding extra excitement to your event.
Benefits of hiring over buying.

Buying a machine is a capital expense; you have to account for the purchase over 5+ years for tax purposes. So if you buy a machine for £40k, you can only put £8K as an expense in your first year. In other words, you pay tax on the additional £32k!

With a hire or lease, every penny you invest you can put as an expense reducing any Tax liability.

Machine resale values can be a fraction of what you originally paid: You never get your money back, often not even close to what you paid for it. Buying from abroad also incurs import duties, shipping and handling fees. If what you are doing does not work – you are left with an expensive piece of kit that can be difficult to sell.

Hiring lowers the risk of your new venture. You can hire a machine to try your draw; if it does not work, hand it back!

Case Study: Woosh Live wanted to run the world’s first FREE million-pound draw. Initially, they tried to buy a machine, but none were available in their timeframe. They hired Guinevere II on a three-month contract. While their draw was a success, they quickly realised what they wanted to do was not viable. Luckily all they had to do was return the machine!

Short, Medium and Long Term Hire

Need something longer term, but not sure if what you plan to do will work? We can do short, medium and long-term hires and can be flexible with them too; so, if you take a machine on a long-term lease, you can still off-hire it early, like Woosh Live, should you need to do that, and long term means when you succeed you know you have a machine you can use again and again.

We Can Design Your Lottery Tickets

The Lottery Tickets for a small draw at the ScaleUp Summit

Game Design

The simplest games are ones where you have consecutively numbered tickets; we have several machines you can use for this. A lottery-style draw may work better if you have a set number of tickets to sell. We can design a draw for you and provide all the number combinations. Get in touch to find out more.