The Blyton Multi-Chamber Raffle & Lottery Machine

Hire The Blyton Multi-Chamber Lottery & Raffle Machine

The Blyton Lottery & Raffle Machine

The Blyton Lottery Raffle Machine. Five Chambers means you can hold draws for up to 360,000 tickets

The Blyton is a very versatile raffle machine that you can use for a wide range of draws. Each chamber holds ten balls as standard, which means you can run draws from 1 to 100,000 tickets. We can also add more balls to the first chamber, allowing you to sell even more tickets.

If you are selling a small number of tickets, it is straightforward to do this with numbered balls, but as you sell more, you need more balls and a larger machine. It soon becomes very cumbersome.

To make your draw credible, easy for your customers to follow, and for verification purposes, you need to display all the balls. Difficult to do with 1,000 or more. Yet with the Blyton muli-chamber machine for a 1,000 draw, you only need 30 balls. The Blyton makes it very easy to display the balls and a sinch for verification purposes.

It can be challenging to predetermine how many tickets you will sell when you run a raffle, which is where the Blyton is a perfect fit for any draw; as you sell more, you simply add in just a handful of extra balls. If, for example, you sold 600 tickets when you thought you would only sell 500, you only need one additional ball.

In this case, you use three chambers, with six balls in the first and ten in the next two giving you (6 x 10 x 10) 600 combinations.

The Blyton is a continuous draw machine which means the balls automatically drop back into the chamber. This system allows you to run numerous selections very quickly.

Mix Type: Gravity
Number of Chambers: Five
Mix Capacity: 50 Balls Per Chamber
Winning Balls Display Capacity: 1 Ball Per Chamber
Play Control: Manual and Continuous Play

• Suitable for low and high value draws
• Suitable for independent verification

• Unit height XX cm (XX′′)
• Cabinet width XX cm (XX”)
• Cabinet depth XX cm (XX′′)
• Mixing chamber diameter XX cm (XX”)
• Game ball diameter 38 mm
• Winning ball capacity one ball
• Total unit weight XX kg (XX lb.)

• 220-240 volt, 50Hz electrical power.
• 13Amps at 240v